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I nee to remember I have an LJ for stuff other than groups and I need to remember to use it... I love LJ ;_; I hate that it's kind of dying. Tumblr's great and all but nothing's ever quite like LJ.


I guess it's safe to announce to my LJ friends that I will be working over the summer because I did get the (paid!!) Pixar story internship!!!! I will be in emmeryville all summer long!!!!!! Currently I'm home in TN relaxing and preparing to leave , visiting with my family and so on, but I couldn't be more excited!

My life has been crazy good recently! I know I post a lot of wahh wahh angst in my lj and I am sorry for that, it's just the only place I have to vent. Over all I am usually happy and fine and my life has really turned around from being boring and dead-end in a little go-nowhere southern townt o suddenly getting in order to what I always wanted to do!

I'm hoping to learn all I can while at this internship and I'll be looking for a job once it's done.

So, my bay area friends, let's hang out this summer!!!
Hi guys! I know i've been quiet but I finished and posted my film!!

check it out if you're curious to see why I'm so quiet on the net these days (IE: I HAVE LESS OF A LIFE THAN NORMAL WOOHOOO!!!)

and here's ht vimeo link if you like: HD AT VIMEO :V

and on tumbls: Because I'm shamelessly enjoying watching the number count on this video, go pass it along on tumblr!?

Done with my shameless promotion, unless anyone wants to help me promote it. I'm actually happier with this one, more so than hughbert at least! and my poor dead second year film... (it's animatd, I just never finished coloring it ;; )

I has a tumblr now...and ebay!

I do still read my lj and I still post, but I mostly only post in fandom communities XD: ahaha sorry.

HOWEVER I AM SELLING STUFF ON EBAY IF YOU'RE INTERESTED. I had a full set of VoH up for sale but that got snagged up in like... a day. here's the other stuff: http://www.ebay.com/sch/tinkerlute/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25

also, TUMBLR!

I'm pupukachoo on tumblr ( PUPUKACHOOOOOO!? ) so follow me if you want to! or give me your tumblr so I can follow you!
Despite it all I feel somehow oddly content. It has been hard times lately and I've buried myself in comforts to cope but also in doing so I've learned some important things. It's important to realize that you may not have a snowflake's chance in hell at being "normal" or behaving like everyone else. What's important is to understand who and what you are and that just because everyone around you has "grown up" you don't have to if you don't want to. So long as you pay your bills and all that fun stuff it's your life to do as you please. You only become boring and old if you let yourself become such by letting people tell you what to do with yourself. This is one of the many reasons I pursued my career in entertainment art instead of "real" art. I could have done what I was told to do but, stubborn as ever, I don't have to outgrow cartoons, comics and games if I don't want to.

It's important to do what you like and like what you do. These things I bury myself in for comfort are of great importance to me and I hope that someday I can work on something or create something that someone else will grow up with and find great comfort in. That's my biggest drive behind doing what I want to do. Of course the industry is competitive but I try to ignore the competition in order to focus on the reasons why I chose it and so that I may do to the best of my ability. I don't want to forget something so important as that because I let my ego get too inflated or shoved my head too far up my own butt to loose sight of it just as much as I don't want anyone's negativity to put me down to forget that despite everything, the big man on top may be there to make money, but if my drive is to make myself happy and other people happy then I am content with my intention.

To a huge degree the world is what you make of it. Try not to let negativity rule your desire.

This 4am introspective corniness is brought to you the letter Q.
Still in a sort of shock that Araizumi Rui commented on my work last night.

Maybe that small amount of dorky goodness coming from my stress-related fanart spree has made the fanart-spree worth it?

holy shit. D: I checked and checked to make sure it was really him but it's pretty undeniable. I'm so flattered and honored that an artist I like so much commented on me.

.... going to sit here in a state of shock for a while longer. thanks!
Roommate keeps turning off the air...that is. completely.

cold outside? no heat

boiling outside? no heat AND window shut. cook!

so hot @@ maybe i'm a bad person but I just turned the AC on while she's asleep... also my sinuses are exploding due to the stuffy, recycled air. Have trouble breathing if I lie down... need fresh air. need at least some sort of renewal of air.. SOME SORT.

Super super super fun. Directors and writers visited tonight to give us a talk... we got to see part of an animatic for a new episode, got to see storyboards and scripts as well as a long in depth talk of the hiring and production process. I am most pleased.

Need to watch an ep now, I think.


Selling a ton of stuff on e-bay!


I'm selling a bunch of stuff on e-bay!

If anyone wants to help spread the link to my auctions around, i'd be grateful... i've got more stuff going up tomorrow, will update when it is. Any and all help is appreciated!!

Devious Journal Entry

Trickster Priest
by ~pu-sama on deviantART

Hurrrr sharing this here too since I need to update my lj more often anyway. I drew a new picture.